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Content Marketing

Coca Cola’s Shift to Content Excellence

by Jacob Smith On February 3, 2012

There’s been quite a bit of discussion about Coca Cola’s evolution of its content strategy. For many years, the company dominated the advertising space – globally – but the Internet has forced a change in its strategy. Rather than ‘Creative Excellence’, they’re now after ‘Content Excellence’. One commentator, Jeff Bullas, believes there are 5 lessons … Read More

Content Marketing, Social Media

Make Social Media Work For You. Really!

by Jacob Smith On February 1, 2012

If you think you’re too busy for social media, think again. The days of one-way communication are slowly falling away in favor of engagement. Many business owners we meet say they don’t have time for social media – that it’s too time consuming. This can be true, but social media is where the conversation is … Read More


Connect Through Your Blog

by Jacob Smith On January 31, 2012

For someone who claims to be technologically inept, Steve Smolinsky nails it when it comes to blogging. A management consultant by day, he’s curious about the world and articulate in his dissection of it. Many people blog as part of their marketing efforts but Steve takes it a step further. He’s a voracious reader of … Read More

Internet Marketing

The Dinkum Evolution – More than Search Marketing

by Jacob Smith On January 27, 2012

When Dinkum first set up shop back in 2006, we set our sights on strictly being a search marketing company. Our tagline was “Genuine Search Engine Marketing” though admittedly we were mostly a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company. It gave us focus and an identity to grow our business and our client’s businesses. For most … Read More


The Tablet Wars

by Jacob Smith On January 25, 2012

This guest blog is by Jack Schaller from Eastern Legal Systems. Judging by the press from the recent 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), tablets appear to have “arrived” as a serious player in the technology market, vying for the consumer dollar along with all of the other gadgets and gizmos. Their presence is becoming more … Read More


Staples Brand Gets Black Eye

by Jacob Smith On January 24, 2012

When a friend was awarded ‘Tech Of The Quarter’ by his employer, he redeemed his prize as a Staples gift card and planned to use it to get a new cell phone he’d seen on their website. A few days later, with gift card in hand, my friend visited Staples to make his purchase. He … Read More


Is SEO still alive?

by Jacob Smith On January 18, 2012

When Dinkum Interactive started almost six years ago, I began speaking to groups and companies about our brand new and fairly unheard of product offering. At the time, I talked a lot about search engine optimization – SEO – which was a brand new concept. Now, I no longer need to explain what SEO stands … Read More

Content Marketing, Internet Marketing, SEO

5 Ways To Make Your Blog Magnetic

by Jacob Smith On January 17, 2012

Blogging is an important component in most Internet marketing strategies. And since you’re making the effort to write them, why not ensure they’re read by the audience you want to attract. I came across some excellent suggestions from Bamidele Onibalusi of YoungPrePro to help you make your blog magnetic. 1. Have a Clearly Defined Point … Read More

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