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Internet Marketing

Your Website is Critical for Internet Marketing So Stop Neglecting It

by Paul Fleming On April 1, 2011

Our company has evolved over the last 5 years. Some of it has been to accomodate new trends (influence of social media for one), some due to Google’s whims (the many algorithm updates) but mostly it has been the result of experience. The company started by recognizing that there was a specific need. We would … Read More


Face recognition in an Open Source environment

by Emiliano Jankowski On March 25, 2011

Part of my job at Dinkum is to make sophisticated things happen for our website and marketing clients on a daily basis. One such request came a few months ago for a project we’re working on for the Marlboro Music Festival. The request? Help the Festival (which was founded in 1951 by the late, great … Read More

Social Media

Do Your Customers Trust You?

by Paul Fleming On March 25, 2011

I was reading about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) the other day and how to connect with your audience using social media. Something that piqued my attention was the concept that the social customer considers their peers as a most trusted source. No surprises there. If I’m looking for a hairdresser, I ask my circle of … Read More

SEO, Social Media

Social Media and its SEO Influence

by Paul Fleming On March 18, 2011

We’ve suspected it for a while now but it was recently confirmed by extremely reliable sources (Matt Cutts from Google actually) that social media is having a greater influence on search rankings. A web page stacked up against another web page with the same credentials will apparently be given greater weight if it is shared … Read More


WordPress Tips and Tricks for Users: The Best 5 Admin Options You Didn’t Know About

by Jacob Smith On March 15, 2011

WordPress is the single most commonly used CMS and blogging platform in the world, running over 18 million sites as of this writing (current stats here). Possibly more striking is that people actually use their WordPress sites! Today, for example, 486,000 posts were written and 400,000,000 words were cobbled together in about 120 languages (that’s … Read More


Adding Menu Options in WordPress

by Emiliano Jankowski On March 11, 2011

In my past few entries I’ve been exploring some of the basics that make WordPress “tick” and how we use these tools to increase functionality for your site within the WP ecosystem. As you’ve seen, these posts aren’t targeted specifically at general users, but they do have relevance to all of you non-techies out there: … Read More


Recommendations Are Always Welcome

On March 8, 2011

A few months ago I decided that it was time to update my family room, kitchen and office. I liked my decor but since it has been 12 years, it needed a little pick me up. So I hired my local painter to do the job. It was a week of craziness with plastering, dust … Read More

Content Marketing

Blogging for Business: Content and Voice

by Guest Blogger On March 4, 2011

Often when clients contact us for SEO services, one of the suggestions we make to them is to include a blog on their site, and post to it regularly.  We tout the benefits of having fresh content that is regularly updated as being helpful to their customers and to search engines. A recent post by … Read More

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