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Internet Marketing

Beginner’s Guide To Testing Your PPC Program

by Kerrilynn Young On June 7, 2011

If your PPC program is not driving the results you would like, don’t just give up and call it quits.  Test, Test, Test! You should always be testing your keywords, ads and landing pages to determine what drives the best performance. Below is a list of things to consider as you prepare for any sort … Read More


A Few of My Daily SEO Things

by Paul Fleming On June 3, 2011

We all have our own little way of doing things to make our professional lives easier or better or clearer. Sometimes these are tools that we have stumbled across, other times recommendations from friends or colleagues and other websites or blogs similar to this one. One thing that Dinkum does at the foundation of all … Read More

Internet Marketing

Online Marketing with Dinkum – A Recipe for Success

by Paul Fleming On May 31, 2011

When I was a young musician, my teacher insisted that I read “The Inner Game of Tennis.” I was skeptical at first, but in the end, it was far easier to digest and relate the game of tennis to my musical life than the contents of any musician’s manual. The following post is a dead … Read More


Press Releases in the SEO World

by Paul Fleming On May 27, 2011

Or: The Purpose of Press Releases Has Changed. This week, a client asked me to explain ‘why’. I’d suggested a press release topic and he wasn’t sure about it. “What would the focus be?” he asked. “I want to make sure that we’re adding to our message, not diluting it.” It was an absolutely valid … Read More


Roots, Branches, and Leaves – Viewing Internet Marketing through a Horticultural Lens

by Jacob Smith On May 24, 2011

In my pre-Dinkum life, I started out helping artists, small businesses, nonprofits, and online merchants build websites.  Since that time (about 10 years ago) I have struggled with the same challenge in about 90% of my client relationships: how to help them “get” the true value of a  a comprehensive approach to internet marketing. You … Read More


It’s Not the End of the World!

by Guest Blogger On May 20, 2011

In case you live under a rock, I am going to tell you that according to Howard Camping, the world is scheduled to end on Saturday, May 21, at 6 PM local time.  Local to where ever you happen to live, by the way, because the beginning of the end is going to occur in … Read More


The Art and Science of Client Relationships

by Guest Blogger On May 17, 2011

Fellow authors here at Dinkum have posted about customer relationships from various points of view. Do Your Customers Trust You and Delivering on Values and other posts suggest the need to know your audience and deliver what is promised and other important business or life lessons.  A good customer relationship is productive for both parties, … Read More

Internet Marketing

The Carmen Miranda Effect: Your Guide to Tutti-frutti Internet Marketing

by Paul Fleming On May 13, 2011

It’s a crowded, noisy market. Sure, you’ve honed your niche and offer a solid product. But what should you do if the guy down the road has a brighter neon sign? Websites are your shop-front. You want people to step inside, take a look, buy things and come back again. The question to consider – … Read More

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